What our patients say:

Jeanette is a true professional. She helped me resolve a chronic rotator cuff issue that caused me pain for over a year. I would (and do) recommend her to anyone.
— Dennis, Carmel Valley
I first saw Jeanette for tennis elbow and later sinus trouble, with great results. She has the lightest touch, and I go into a relaxed state almost immediately. I often see her just to de-stress.
— Robin, Carmel
Jeanette is remarkably effective!
— Elizabeth, Carmel Valley
I have been seeing Jeanette for years. Her knowledge of acupuncture combined with her understanding of the human body has given her a terrific success rate for helping her patients. The rest of my family also visits Jeanette. The benefits of our visits are astounding. We can all attribute our continued good health and the process of getting there to the lasting effects of her treatments, her professionalism, and her expertise in her practice.
— Sarah, Monterey
Jeanette is a remarkable person with a profound healing presence. Acupuncture makes me look and feel better and keeps me healthy!
— Kristen, Carmel
I have been pleased with the care and expertise of Jeanette Rogge over many months of acupuncture treatment, which has improved my overall health and resolved nagging injuries, helping me maintain an active life.  The relaxation I enjoy during the period of treatment provides a lasting calming effect and I look forward to each of my appointments.
— Bill, Monterey
Jeanette’s treatments over the past ten years have changed my physical and mental being allowing for an active life with less mental and physical stress.”
— Victor, Monterey
Jeanette’s years of experience are apparent in her practice.
— John, Monterey